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It was the prince-archbishops who fashioned the City of Mozart
You can now take a part of Salzburg's history home with you!

The princely architects of Baroque Salzburg

The City of Salzburg is certainly worth a trip. A view shared by the 11 million tourists from around the world who visit this unique place every year. And there is plenty to draw them here ‒ Salzburg is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and spent his youth, Salzburg provided many of the backdrops to the 'Sound of Music' and then there is the remarkable architecture. The Old City in particular, Altstadt Salzburg, with its many churches, Italianate squares and narrow streets continues to fascinate visitors.

Hauptverantwortlich für das einzigartige Erscheinungsbild der Stadt sind die Fürst Erzbischöfe, die das Erzbistum über 1100 Jahre regierten. Sie waren die Baumeister und Gestalter des barocken Salzburg. Die Landesfürsten vereinten politisches Geschick mit Machtbewusstsein und waren die geistlichen und weltlichen Herrscher jener Zeit. Diese fünf Fürst Erzbischöfe prägten die Mozartstadt in ihrer Amtszeit besonders:











A piece of Salzburg history as a souvenir

You can now take a memento of this rich historical heritage home with you in the form of a high-quality product produced locally! The EDITION PRINCE ARCHBISHOP SALZBURG has placed the most important prince-archbishops in the spotlight in the form of their coats of arms. These decorate the high-quality souvenir articles.

The design of the items (including chocolates, honey, salt and spirits from the Salzburg region) is both elegant and uncluttered. High-grade silver embellishment and a refined finish emphasise the high quality of the products. Strict quality criteria apply to the manufacture of the foodstuffs that are produced exclusively in Salzburg and the surrounding region.

Secure a souvenir with history to take home for yourself or as a gift for someone else – the EDITION PRINCE ARCHBISHOP SALZBURG!

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